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September 2009

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choco_green in koreanpopclaims

*Let's Get The RuLes*


# Title your post with K-POP, so I will reply on it.
# You can claim everything related to k-pop, such as bands, drama, actor / actress, singer, song, character, OST. and movie.
# 7 (seven) users per claim
Unlimited claims per user
# Taking your claim whenever I agreed and list your claim.
# The claims
which do not take at least 14 (fourteen) days since it's stated to be claimed, automatically burn.
The left spot will be giving to others.
# Comment if you're taking the claims.
# The claims with the strike means full.
# Obey special rules that stated below.

For first, I claimed ::
♥ Lee Teuk from Super Junior
♥ Choi Jong-hoon from FT Island
♥ Marry U and Neorago from Super Junior
♥ Haru Haru and Sunset Glow from Big Bang
♥ Again & Again from 2PM
♥ Lachata from f(x)
♥ Princess Hours


# You can claim a band, but you can't claim every member of the band.
Ex. You can claim Super Junior or DBSK as a band, but you can't claim each member of them.
Like me, I just claim Lee Teuk from Super Junior.

# You can claim max. 3 songs from every bands, exclude solo's.
Ex. I claimed for both Marry U & Neorago from Super Junior, Haru Haru & Sunset Glow from Big Bang, and Heartbreaker from GD.
Note :: same rules for claims OST.

# You can claim actor / actress, include his / her character from a drama / movie.
Ex. You can claim just Lee Min-ho OR Goo Jun-pyo OR both of Lee Min-ho and Goo Jun-pyo.

♥ Please be nice to me, since it's my first time arrange "the claims" things.
♥ I will post each category separately, so it's easier to find.
♥ Just help me with your knowledge about everything that related to Korean entertainment.
I truly appreciate it !!!
♥ Leave me message through PM to give me some suggest or critics.
I won't bite ~~ !!!

Yours sincerely,


wanna join~! X3
numpang tny,yg lagu jg boleh multiple users tak?
ntu lagu2 yg kaw claim daku jg doyan,huahaha
bole koq ..
saia hanya mengklaim yg saia musti klaim aja ^^
per user is unlimited claim
but per claim is limited user

karena saia udah klaim satu spot di setiap lagu,jadi masih tersisa 6 spot lagi buad di-klaim
prinsipnya siapa cepat dia dapat hehe..

for first if u wanna claim, just comment at the posting called "I Have to Arrange"
so, when I finish arrange the things, you already got your claim ..

mudah2an tidak membingungkan, ya ~~

thx for joining